There's no turning back...from Octane Render. I just acquired it...
Am loving it, and delighted so far. Here's my first take on it, used a 3d scene (not created by me)...and "tested" out Octane shaders, lighting...on my GTX 970 + 650ti GPU rig...rendered at 15 mins -- rather fast considering the lens blur is in 3d. 

No Photoshop work here....all done and out from Octane Render.

3d element credits to : https://www.scenected.com/
and https://www.facebook.com/smsl26


Animation in Octane Render Test

Octane Render Animation Test
Am delighted with Octane so far. Frame renders at about 4 minutes on a GTX 970. I had set up a scene in Vray which took about 2 times longer.


Dipping Into Octane

In the age of fast ("affordable") GPUs, real-time rendering has become more viable as well. One Such is Octane render. Having heard from a long time friend, and seeing the numerous works out there made in Octane made me keen on trying it out.

Am truly impressed, and see the possibilities of generating high-end quality renders at possibly less time compared to my usual Vray.

My first renders, dabbling in Octane in a day - demo mode on a GTX 970 card:
These exterior day render took about 6-11mins at 1000x600 resolution

This part took about 20 minutes. I guess when it comes to glass, transparency - cranking up the depth will take it's toll on Octane path tracing. Depending on the levels of transparency you want to achieve, render times can stretch as well.

In-camera-render FX...camera blurring and flares
 Quick light set-up with HDRI...(about 2+ mins render)

Well, that's all for now. Soon to come..and better, as soon as I get hold of the full version.