2015 ... CG life is still alive

Something of last year though...




and, a reminder of a site.."faded"..soon to be gone. I had aspired to be on my own (listed), but life is tough, and perhaps a multitude of circumstances was just not in my favor. Perhaps too, I wasn't ready in many aspects. So for now, this will just be a reminder of what was then...

That's all for now.


2014 Mid-year Update!

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2014 ... Still at it! Do people blog still nowadays, really?! I guess in this fast-paced age of digital web content -- it's like twitter, youtube, and vimeo. 

Please feel free to view my latest animation reel , by clicking here.


Asia Square Tower 2 - Constructing the "Unconstructed"

This recent work (with Lights & Shadows) involved some photomatching and background clean-up. Rather a straightforward work, though still rather tedious. Basically, a wide-angle shot of the existing had to be photographed. After which, it was brought and photomatched in 3DMax. Sun direction in 3d space was matched as well to the phtoto. Reflection passes where done separately.
Another big chunk of the work involved cleaning and "filling-in-the-blanks" for the background in post. These involved clone and filing in the reflection to match the reflection in the photograph.
Finally, overall colour-grading was done to "unify" the 3d render with the 2d elements seamlessly.

Additional credits:
Chua Teng Yeow (Photo)
Alice Lee (Environment / Post-work)