Animation in Octane Render Test

Octane Render Animation Test
Am delighted with Octane so far. Frame renders at about 4 minutes on a GTX 970. I had set up a scene in Vray which took about 2 times longer.


Dipping Into Octane

In the age of fast ("affordable") GPUs, real-time rendering has become more viable as well. One Such is Octane render. Having heard from a long time friend, and seeing the numerous works out there made in Octane made me keen on trying it out.

Am truly impressed, and see the possibilities of generating high-end quality renders at possibly less time compared to my usual Vray.

My first renders, dabbling in Octane in a day - demo mode on a GTX 970 card:
These exterior day render took about 6-11mins at 1000x600 resolution

This part took about 20 minutes. I guess when it comes to glass, transparency - cranking up the depth will take it's toll on Octane path tracing. Depending on the levels of transparency you want to achieve, render times can stretch as well.

In-camera-render FX...camera blurring and flares
 Quick light set-up with HDRI...(about 2+ mins render)

Well, that's all for now. Soon to come..and better, as soon as I get hold of the full version.


Playing around with Corona Render.

Scandinavian Interior (based on photo image)
Side project to test some 3d modelling and lighting with Corona render.Sourced for some Interior photos to simulate in 3d - About 99% is my own created 3d models (except the wall radiator).Textures were sourced in Google. Post processing was done in Lightroom.

Brighter exposure (update)