For Print

Yes, it's been awhile since the last posting here. I've decided to revamp the site, and get something out there - yes, something that can be felt and held in ones hands. For starters, I've already set to print some selected works that were done this year.


Badly Taken Photo

It's been ages since I've posted something here. Well, it's been a hectic year atwork, and some of my stuff seemed so 'typical'

It's kinda ironic, Photographers would at some instances remove "nuisances" and imperfections in their photos, while CG Artists would do otherwise.

Well, I'd also like to share a breakdown of this image. After some scrutiny, one can see the "mis-matches" ...taking away the magic. lol. Oh well...but my intent is to share some of techniques used herein.

This was actually post-processed from an earlier project. My intent was to turn an already rendered & post-processed perspective to a "photo-real" image. When I color-graded the CGi, it still just didn't look "correct". I gradually searched for images to cut-&-paste. So basically, these photo elements, (some of which were actually nice taken), was then adjusted to make it look "badly taken" as well. Once all elements were framed and in place, an overall color adjustment was done. Working on 2K resactually...then re-sized as such.

Summary of techniques that i used:
- slightly tilted horizon
- lens blurring
- lens correction + color fringing (to simulate camera aberration)
- color desaturation, with reference to other point-n-shoot digital photos that were "badly exposed"
- motion blurring (very slight)
- "familiar" composition -- typical to those street photographs at the corners
; somewhat breaking the rule's of composition which some random laymen wouldn't be aware of when taking photos.


Another Street Cam

Same project mentioned in the previous post. A different view, treated with a different tone.

And the elements breakdown


Here Comes The Sun

Presenting...a project I've been working on, somewhere in a small town (downtown) Sunnyvale, California. This was rather a huge undertaking in a span of almost 3 months. The model itself composed of nearly detailed buildings in 6 blocks, altogether with animated cars and people. It's great that the team managed to pull-thru. The project required creating Animation sequences and some still perspectives. Some of which can be seen here.

If there's one part about this project, that I'd like to touch on later - it would be procedural mapping. This project had a dozen textures and maps, which was rather overwhelming. So I figured, to cut-down on it and make it 'easier' by using procedural texture mapping. Anyway, I'll write more about it in detail in my later posts. Here's a 'snapshot' along a streetview for now.

Above is a view I composed myself,
all in 3D with some Photoshop enhancement.


Animation Breakdown

It's a new year, and even though the world's in recession, I've been busy with lots of Archi CG projects. As such, I haven't really had time to post some "making-of" lately. But here's one still for the new year. This is no solo project, but I had major involement in it in terms of production and coordinating with the artists involved.

Things are not as simple as it seems. To achieve a more believable scene that really "pops-out", we really "3D."

Production Credits:
Mushroom Multimedia Pte. Ltd., Singapore
in collaboration with Zum LLC., USA

Click Here for more info about this project.