When A Night Shot Isn't Exactly Night

It's actually (supposedly) dusk. This project was done quite some time back. The design had been finalized, and we needed a "hero" shot that would show the buildings uniqueness in some way. I guess the Architect knew as well that the design was not much special from any other building, except that it had these "special" windows. So to emphasize on these, was to have it rendered as a night shot. Of course, the tricky part was to show the building's form as well, and as requested by the developer.

So to create the illusion of a night shot, 3d omni lights were thrown into the interior scene, while maintaining a considerable amount of GI to light the exterior. An overall grading of bluish tone and colour adjustment was done as to get the look i perceived was nice. To further enhance the effect, I had to pick a relatively complimenting sky and background as well.

In summary, I was trying to simulate a shot taken at dusk (via color correction as to get that "night" effect without losing too much details), and at the same time creating silhouettes as to frame the building.

Tech Notes:
Modeled with 3D Max 7.0
Rendered with Vray
Post-Processed in Photoshop CS


Cut & Paste : "Toy Digirama"

It's been about a year now since I took up collecting toys & figures that interest me (and had influence my "early creative years"). With this, also came my passion of photography which I hadn't done for some time. So besides the usual 3D CG stuff, I sorta found a new area wherein I can "play" around with.
"Toy Digirama"...as what I've heard and gathered, is the digital exposition of toys via compositing the photos (of the toys) with a background (whether real or created) as to tell a story. Similar to those dioramas except everything is created with a computer with a program like Photoshop.

Lost In Akihabara

A breakdown of my process (click on image to enlarge)...

Tech Note:
Photo taken with K800i Phone Cam
Digitally enhanced and worked in Photoshop CS3