More than Panoramic

There are some things that even a virtual camera can't do so in making CGI. This project required a sweeping view of the cost along the pool area. As we had set the camera in, there was some diffculty getting that panoramic view. Normally, to get a wider view, one would adjust the camera lens to show more. However, by doing this, distortion in foreground objects get very noticeable. In such instances, the foreground objects would be cut-off from the perspective. In this particular shot, it would also mean cutting-off the "panoramoic" effect. The solution ---> to simply take 2 shots and stitch them together.

The second picture shows the division of the 2 images, which was cropped later on. The end result is a "sweeping" shot and having the depth. Though the eye initially focuses to where the real vanishing point is, we "balanced" the picture by off-setting the other side with more "space" towards a seemingly infinite horizon.

Tech Notes:
Modeled with 3D Max 7.0
Rendered with Vray
Post-Processed in Photoshop CS