2013...blog revisited

It's been  about 4 years now since I've written...
...and am still at this -- pursuing this "Art." Of course, there weren't all easy days, but I couldn't back down just easily. So much I have lost, besides time - and certainly, there's that silver lining.

For sure, one thing I have learned -- what goes around, comes around. Though many instances apply to this saying with relevance in the course of my journey, I would rather mention the good ones.

Back in 2008, I had to leave the fellas at Lights&Shadows - the company which kinda jump-started my career in this 3d/CGi. It was all good when we parted ways, and I had as well developed a certain friendship with them beyond just work. And so, as I had left, I went about doing other stuff...thru ups and downs...and eventually setting-up Lucid Render

Lucid Render (or simply Lucid), is my first venture - of a "hobby" turned full-time job. It's tough. And being solo on it, does takes its toll and tires me. The joy of doing things for myself and yet the stress of "surviving" can be daunting at times..to the point of giving up...

...to cut the story short, I couldn't focus much on the "way I want Lucid to be"; and I have in a way missed the interaction with other artists. And destiny leads me, I end up back with Lights & Shadows.

...I come back, better, bolder,...a tad bit wiser perhaps. BUT in having still in mind - I could still be much better...

there's just to much to do, to work on..and yet to achieve.